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Looking for floral, fruity, and comforting fragrances for your skin, home, and body? Let us help you capture the richness of Oudh made from elusive ingredients to give you the best sensorial experience.

Our aromatic, delicate and earthy Oudh collection includes all kinds of products for skin and body relaxation such as wax melt, rose oil & pink clay, candle trio, car diffuser, hand & body lotion, Oudh perfume, The candle Oudh and many more…!

Our Oudh collection perfume features an aromatic composition that soothes your nerve, enhances your mood, and boosts your confidence.

Every product featured in Oudh collections has countless medicinal properties and has true layering scents that hydrate your skin and accentuate inner strength.

You can’t go wrong with our exotic Oudh collection that can definitely be a perfect gift for your loved ones! Explore all the products and buy the one that best suits you.