• Design Is Very Elegant

    I'd like to say I love how it was wrapped and the design is very elegant. The packaging is simple yet sharp. The glass lid has been designed in a captivating way as it slants drawing your attention to the design of the bottle. The Sweet woody smell of the Oudh is simply beautiful.

  • Everyone Loved It

    I wanted to say thank you so much for the candle set for me and my sister everyone loved it! I was so worried about taking them in my hand luggage and they actually stopped me at the scanning point and said they detected liquid and opened everything out. I was holding my breath the whole time! Lol luckily everything was fine and put it all in. Everyone in Bangladesh was really impressed with the candles and said they have seen nothing like it before and the camera men found it so attractive. Thank you so much it really made it special

  • In Love With My Oudh By Arabesque artistry

    It is packaged beautifully in a quality bottle and impressive box, that can also be used as a gift box if given as a present to your loved ones. Really pleased with my purchase, it has an absolutely fantastic scent which lasts on me for hours whereas some pricier designer brands would have softened away I would definitely buy this oudh again as it has now become my favourite!

  • The Candle Set Was Beyond Perfection

    The candle set I ordered for my brothers mendhi was beyond perfection. The attention to detail on each candle was amazing! My whole family loved it and it was definitely one of the most pictured centre pieces at the mendhi. The service provided was reliable, prompt and ideal during the fuss and hassle a wedding brings. I will definetly be coming back to Arabesque Artistry for future events and wedding


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