The Boss Lady…

The Boss Lady…

Many of you have been following the journey of Arabesque Artistry from the very beginning, however it has strictly been about business and business only. Upon establishing my brand I have realised this is all about me. My brand represents me as a person and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you all an insight into ‘The Boss Lady’ also known as Noshi.

Hopefully I won’t bore you too much but here I go for all of you that are intrigued to know about me. I was born bought up in a little town called Luton down south within the United Kingdom and have just hit the age of 26 this March casually adding on them golden years but yes I’m 26! Nosheen is my name however I have a number of nicknames put into practise by my family, friends and colleagues some of which are Nosh, Noshi, Yoshi and last but not least Bossman!

Bossman is what I’m known as by my team upon taking the transition of being one of them to taking the step up into my new role. When i want something i make sure i strive to get there. My line ‘I Got this’ again given to me by another colleague. Lelia you know I’ve got this!

I have lived in Luton throughout my life span, studied here, School Ashcroft High School, College Luton Sixth Form College and then moved onto University going a little diverse. Queen Mary University of London and then to finish of Leeds Metropolitan University. I have travelled around a fair amount while studying wanting to experience the diverse yet related aspects of being down South living the fast London life to up North living the causal chilling life. For those wanting to know I studied Computer Science as my bachelor’s degree and then Information Technology for my masters. Very masculine subjects but yes I love IT it’s so my thing and currently have developed my career within the field as an IT supervisor managing a bunch of technical technicians. I must say a proud achievement for myself but it doesn’t stop here I have endless goals yet to achieve.

So let me talk about me as a person which very little of you know about I am a girly girl yet a Lady of principles and morals, you do not step out of line with me or you will get put back into place yes I hold by standards. Something I have been told by some of my closest friends to date ‘You look like you have an attitude until you actually speak up’. Not the best of qualities but hey that is what defines me and no I don’t have an attitude probably as friendly as you can get. So don’t worry guys no need to be scared hehe!

I can’t believe I’m actually going to share this but here they are a few interesting facts about me which no one really knows and I mean no one knows apart from my family and my Bestie yes ‘Sehar’ that’s you. But hey you all deserve to know a little more about the hidden face of Arabesque Artistry. To start of with yes I am a fashionista as they say, love keeping up with the trends, coordinating my outfits, jewellery and most importantly ensuring my makeup is on ‘Fleek’. They say you cannot get enough ‘Heels and Handbags’ which is what my room is full of! Remaining classy and elegant is what I like as they say ‘Less is more’.

Touching a very personal fact about me, but its something that defines me i tend to keep myself to myself and have a very small social circle. For me its quality that counts rather than quantity the very few friends i have are friends for life. We laugh, cry, develop and shine through together always.

A last but not least little fact about me I’m scared of every possible animal out there even though we have a pet cat at home! Yes I know I’m weird but wait guys I think I’ve just grown to like our own cat and think I can just about cope with Simba (our cat). I must admit an embarrassing moment, as my brother bought the kitten home I didn’t come out of my room for 2 days crying and having a tantrum to my family. My words of emotional blackmail ‘The cat is more important to you than your own daughter’ but guess what guys nothing worked, I had to slowly but surely get over my fear. Not going to lie I love the baby now he’s part of our little family.

I hope you enjoyed the read of ‘The Boss Lady’ as much as I enjoyed writing it up to share with you a very small insight into Noshi. Lets put it like this if I must say I’m the limelight of the household a few words to sum me up, a confident and bubbly individual.

Before I leave id like to take the opportunity to express my love and gratitude towards all my loyal followers. I am here today because of the love, support and endless orders I have received from you all.

Thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to do what I love, turning a dream into real life vision! I will be sharing with you the journey of Arabesque in the upcoming blogs to create an everlasting impression in your hearts and minds!

Ending with a gracious goodbye, welcoming all questions and enquires and hoping you take the opportunity to interact with me alongside my journey to success…


Arabesque Artistry – Creating an everlasting impression – my vision my goal.

Lots of Love

Noshi xXx

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  • Sehar

    Absolutely LOVE this!! Well done for coming such a long way, all your hard work and dedication has paid off! You’ve achieved so much already and I cannot wait to see your business grow! These facts made me laugh so much, I love all the details, your personality shines through! Ps your eyebrows are always on fleek haha love you, keep up the good work xxx

  • Aaliyah

    Such a lovely read! Can’t wait for the next blog!

  • Saiqua

    Love how honest and positive this is! I habe to agree with Sehar about your personality shining through! You have come such a long way and should be so proud of your achievements with the business and your IT career! Cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. Plenty of love from the North xx

  • Lelia

    Ok blog is on point boss lady!!!

    You got this Xx

  • Gursimran

    Well done Nosheen. Long way to go. Keep working hard 🙂

  • Aaron

    I take full credit for the nickname bossman! Glad your deciding to keep the nickname

  • Zamia

    Love it sis, well done to you! I told you the hard work will pay off & im really happy for you.. Keep it up 🙂

  • Ambreen

    Your story is truly inspiring for all women like me who need courage to take the first step towards what they really want to do in life.
    All the best wishes for future… you’re a star!

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