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It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you beauts, been crazy busy with wedding season but I’m back. For those of you that don’t know I work full time as an IT Manager alongside running my business so you can imagine how crazy it can be at times. But hey I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love what I do it’s a passion from within.

I thought id take the opportunity to give you some background into my Oudh range upon the launch of my new product ‘The Oudh Hand/Body Lotion’ Yes it smells phenomenal- I must say my favourite product to date from the range! You must try.

So some of you must question, why the Oudh range when I do henna based products. Isn’t it a little random, does it fit in where is the link but hey let me give you an insight into my idea of creativity…

Well the honest reality is, I wanted to be a little unique, I wanted to create a product, which can be branded and recognised by Arabesque Artistry, a product that can be diverse yet related. A product, which basically represents me.

If you haven’t yet noticed each one of my products from the Oudh collection have henna patterns within it be it the packaging, the logo, the labels, it is all interlinked. The packaging is all white, black, gold and silver, which is my brand colour theme. And last but not least I chose to use Arabian oils such as Oud as it represents me, its one of my favourite type of scents alongside the link with my business name of Arabesque.

So yes every aspect of the Oudh Collection is thought about in fine detail and has deep meanings behind it.

It represents me, Noshi within Arabesque Artistry

If you haven’t yet tried the collection quote the code NOSHI10 to get 10% of your next order. Below is a short description of the ‘Oudh’

Oudh blends into a rich musky undertone enticing a velvety blend of floral notes that evolve from hints of spicy notes. Oudh intensifies into a warming expression of rich and sensual oriental aroma.

                                                                                           Products we stock:

                                                                                           Oudh Perfume 50ml

                                                                                           The Candle Oudh – Burns for 30 hours

                                                                                           The Oudh Diffuser – Lasts up to 4 weeks

                                                                                            Oudh Hand and Body Lotion – 250ml

Thank you for being a part of my journey and allowing my vision, my passion to turn into reality. I hope my blogs are that little inspiration that may give you ladies the push to follow your dreams. Leaving you all to ponder till next time.

Arabesque Artistry aims to create an everlasting impression…

Lots of Love


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