How to Pick a Perfect Oud Perfume for Ladies?

Adding charm to your everyday wear with a fresh, sweet, and gorgeous fragrance that can lift your mood was a pretty daunting task a few decades ago. Though there were still plenty of perfumes available in an extensive range and styles, but they were not as advanced as today’s earthy fragrances.

For example, oud perfume. It’s perfect to make your evening extra special and memorable. However, it’s not for the faint of heart. Especially if you are choosing an oud perfume for a special lady in your life, you need to be very careful. 

Oud perfumes have different types and varying fragrances. Some of them are very intense, while some fragrances are very light and can be used on daily basis. 

So, when it comes to choosing an oud perfume for ladies, be mindful of some tips to make the right investment. Here we have mentioned a few elements to consider before picking the best oud perfume for her.

Choose Sweet and Fresh Floral Oud Perfumes:

Most ladies love fresh, sweet, and seducing oud perfumes. For example, an oud perfume with floral notes is highly desirable in ladies. The sweet smell of flowers just lifts their moods and refreshes their nerves.

If you are looking to gift oud perfume to your special lady, then maybe an Oudh perfume by Arabesque Artistry is the right choice. It unfolds oud wood oil which belongs to the most special oud perfume category in the world. It features a velvety blend of floral notes, which means its smell lasts for hours. 

The best thing about this perfume is it is affordable for every budget. Despite its high quality and fragrance, you can buy it without paying a hefty price.

Consider the Price:

Oud perfumes are available everywhere. You can purchase online as well as from your nearest physical store. But some brands operate online and you cannot find their products in general stores and shops. You need to browse the best oud brand available online and compare the prices. 

If you want to save money on your purchase, it’s recommended to go online and pick the right brand that is currently a big hit and trusted by many people. Remember the highest quality oud perfume is as expensive as gold, but it’s definitely worth the price. But that doesn’t mean that the affordable ones are not good. When you consult with your online retailer, they will help pick the best oud perfume that is reliable, affordable, and also loved by all the ladies.  

A high-quality oud perfume lasts for years. Compare the prices and types, and choose the one that your lady could cherish for years. 

Get the Light Oud Fragrance for Ladies:

Ladies love light fragrances that remind them of some special occasion and personality. Stronger perfumes are not desired by most ladies.

Especially if she has some signature fragrance, make sure you get the light oud perfume for her. The light oud perfume has the ability to overpower all the previous layers. 

You cannot apply the heavy oud scent after light layers. So, it’s better to choose a lighter oud perfume that doesn’t mask the other layers even in the hotter weather. If you are buying an oud perfume for your lady, be sure to choose the one according to the season. 

Choose the Scent Based on Her Lifestyle:

Keeping her lifestyle in mind is another important consideration for choosing the right oud perfume.

Oud pairs well with different unique fragrances. The key is that you need to choose the scent according to her lifestyle and the occasions she might attend frequently. 

For example, an oud perfume with a mixture of spicy and fruity fragrances goes well for formal occasions and everyday work routines. If you are picking an oud perfume for yourself, you can also choose the lighter one to complement the stronger fragrance so you can use the engaging scents for fancy occasions like weddings or parties. Oud offers some earthy notes that work well for every kind of occasion.

Some blends that feature pepper, oud, and vanilla, have an earthy tone. This makes oud a great choice for everyday wear as well as formal occasions. 

Moreover, look at some other ingredients present in your oud fragrance. If your lady cherishes some particular ingredient, then make sure you choose the one so she could further adore your choice. It will also make her feel more special and loved. 

You also need to figure out if the oud is a dominant ingredient in the fragrance or is it just tempering other ingredients. Choose the perfume that features more oud so you can give her a present that she can remember for years.

Test it out:

Many oud scents feel a little overpowering and stronger when you just smell them based on the spritz. You cannot judge if it’s the right scent or not. The best thing to do before buying the scent is, to test it out a few times. If you are not buying online, then you can easily do it by visiting your nearest store. Spray the scent onto your skin and clothes, and give some time to bed it in. After a few minutes, you can figure out if you really want to buy it.

However, if you prefer to buy online, then make sure you choose the trustable brand that can assure you the right fragrance without having you check it personally.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing an oud perfume is no longer a difficult thing today. There are tons of fragrances that you can consider for your special lady. However, make sure you choose the one that you think could make her feel the happiest.

Though if you are confused between lots of options, then choosing an oud from Arabesque Artistry may be the right thing as their oud collection is quite exquisite and trusted by thousands of people in London. On top of that, the perfumes are made of highest quality that lasts for years. So, it would surely be a great gift the special lady in your life.

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