Oudh Car Diffuser


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The Deluxe scent of the Oudh fragrance unfolds oils such as Oud wood, which belong to the most exclusive category in the world enhancing the quality and richness of the fragrance.

Oudh blends into a rich musky undertone enticing a velvety blend of floral notes that evolve from hints of spicy top notes. Oudh intensifies into a warming expression of a rich and sensual oriental aroma.


  • Unscrew the top and remove the stopper
  • Tilt upside down for around 10 seconds for the oil to diffuse into the wooden lid
  • Adjust length of the string to suit your requirements (ensure it does not collide against the windscreen)
  • Ensure the diffuser is hung upright at all times

Upon any spillage ensure to wipe across immediately with a wet cloth.

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