oudh perfume


Welcome back my loves, I hope your all enjoying the festive season and holidays! I wanted to speak about my signature product the Oudh perfume which I feel hasn’t been given the recognition and credit it deserves. This product is where it all began and is the base of all the rest of my products which many of you are unaware of. This journey began when I decided to create a product that could represent me as a person and that which could display my passion and can be recognised as me. I travelled miles on end down to the coast to spend the day blending oils to create the perfect scent. Before travelling to the lab I had many consultations back and forth to discuss the type of scent I wanted to create. We then specifically imported Oud oils for me to have on the day. I spent the day learning how perfumes are created, blended different oils and experimented with the strengths to allow me to create the one that was perfect for me. However, this wasn’t the end of the process. Once the perfume arrived, I spent weeks trialling the longevity of the scent. Weeks later, I changed the strength to make the perfume last longer. My brand portrays luxury and I wanted to ensure this was incorporated in all aspects. What makes this journey special and very close to my heart is I created every aspect of my perfume/brand by my very own hands and then developed the rest of my products using the base of my signature scent ‘The Oudh’.

Keep your eyes peeled, 2021 I have so much more in the bag for you. Thank you all for supporting and following my journey through.

Love you all


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