Athena Career Management Hi dolls and dudes, hope your all well and kicking. It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged but it for sure has been a busy few months. Website has been under construction but nevertheless I am back, hope you didn’t miss me too much 😉 I have something very useful for all of you, which is now one of the most important tools we require to earn our bread and butter. Yes it is our CV. I have had the opportunity for the very talented Athena Career Management to review my CV and tailor it to my requirements. I am providing nothing but an honest review, which may assist many of you in your job hunt or give you that little boost of confidence you may require. The process is pretty simple as follows:
  1. Send your current CV via email to Athena Careers
  2. Provide a description of the job role you are looking for (That’s if your require the CV to be tailored to a specific job)
  3. CV is reviewed, modified and sent back to you
  4. You are required to provide your feedback or any changes you require until you are satisfied with the result.
My Experience: In my experience my CV was an utter mess, I had all the key information within it however it for sure was not an easy read. It wasn’t easy on the eye for any recruiter I felt it was all just a jumble mumble where all the information would have just been missed. I sent my CV to Athena Career Management with the Job Title ‘Service Desk Manager’ for it to be tailored to. I received the CV back within 3 days with the following changes made:
  • Summary rewritten removing all the complex tongue twisters I had within it
  • The layout changed
  • Core competencies added
  • Job descriptions simplified
For a first revision I was very impressed I had noticed the difference immediately the flow of the CV, the information simplified yet capturing the core of my role. However a lot of my technical aspects, which is a key selling point for my role, were taken out. I provided feedback on what I liked, disliked, what I require and within 2 days I received a revision with my technical background incorporated back in. Athena Career Management kept the CV minimal yet engaging ensuring all the important information was captured and easy to read through. Overall very impressed the first time I’ve used such a service and it for sure has been impressive. Ready to rock and roll and take my next move within my career thanks to Athena Career Management. Take the opportunity to have your CV reviewed their details are as below: Amazing high quality CV’s from Athena Careers! Instagram: athenacareers Email: A smashing 25% discount is available for CV and Cover Letter reviews. Use the code ArabesqueArtistry25. My aim is to honestly help and motivate anyone that needs a boost and a little guidance to kick start their career. Good Luck beauts. MWAH till next time Love you all Noshi The items were very unique yet related within the Stationary Gift range and I was absolutely amazed by the selection of items. The quality of the cards with the unique glitter envelopes matching the glitter effect on the cards, the sleek designing, the metallic used on the trinket plate, the adorable little tassel on the Bismillah bookmark and i can go on but the details of each product have clearly been thought out. Each product consisted of the finishing touches of ‘Designed with Love’ Please take a moment out to give yourself a pat on the back and continue to strive in achieving your dreams. All you lovelies reading this please take a moment out to view the astonishing range of gifts which can add the final special touches to your celebrations: Website: Instagram: designedwithlove2015 Email: Thank you for taking the time out to read nothing but an honest review and visualising the importance of supporting each other to make it. I hope my blogs are useful and give you ladies the push to follow your dreams. Bye Bye till next time, if you have anything specific you would like to read about please do comment your thoughts. Arabesque Artistry aims to create an everlasting impression… Lots of Love Noshi

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