Designed With Love 2015

Hi Cuties, hope your all well and keeping blessed. So I am back with the most phenomenal review with a range of the most adorable products. You may have missed by Instagram Stories but I was in love with the package.

I aim to review and help support fellow peers and businesses in gaining recognition in which they deserve. At the time of my set up I had no support, other businesses with huge following bases would always look down upon smaller businesses.

The beautiful owner of Designed with Love was a student and a sponsor at my very first Masterclass and took the opportunity to take on board tips and tricks in regards to brand development, social media, product range and apply it to her work.

I have honestly seen a huge step up in her range of products from nearly a year ago and can only say I’m proud of you chica.

So let’s get onto some of the products that were sent across to me and review them:

The package came in a brown bubble wrapped envelope with the closing of the package sealed with the Logo/Monogram of Designed With Love. I absolutely adore individuals that pay attention to the details of their brand. It gets noticed and stands out a mile.

The products I received were as follows:

  • A beautiful card with a personalised message – p.s. thank you for the compliments on my work
  • A Bismillah Bookmark
  • A Bismillah Notebook
  • Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor gift cards
  • Salam Beautiful trinket plate

The items were very unique yet related within the Stationary Gift range and I was absolutely amazed by the selection of items. The quality of the cards with the unique glitter envelopes matching the glitter effect on the cards, the sleek designing, the metallic used on the trinket plate, the adorable little tassel on the Bismillah bookmark and i can go on but the details of each product have clearly been thought out. Each product consisted of the finishing touches of ‘Designed with Love’

Please take a moment out to give yourself a pat on the back and continue to strive in achieving your dreams.

All you lovelies reading this please take a moment out to view the astonishing range of gifts which can add the final special touches to your celebrations:


Instagram: designedwithlove2015


Thank you for taking the time out to read nothing but an honest review and visualising the importance of supporting each other to make it.

I hope my blogs are useful and give you ladies the push to follow your dreams.

Bye Bye till next time, if you have anything specific you would like to read about please do comment your thoughts.

Arabesque Artistry aims to create an everlasting impression…

Lots of Love


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