Salam, Hello, Hi a very warm welcome back, it’s that time of the year approaching again. Yes its Eid a well deserved celebration after a blessed month of praying, fasting and strengthening our souls within.

I thought id take the opportunity to share a very simple yet elegant design for you dolls to use as inspiration for your Eid Henna. I don’t know about you all but I always look forward to henna galore on my hands top to bottom every Eid.

Before applying henna its vital you have a natural fresh henna cone, it is important the henna purchased is safe to use. Do not use the cones that give instant colour (mostly sold in Asian shops) these tend to be chemical based and you are at risk of ruining your hands.

If the cone is not already opened from the end, snip very slightly with scissors and test the consistency, carry on snipping until the cone is easy to use and flows well.

Henna isn’t the most easiest to do, it takes time, creativity and practise so don’t panic if your not quite there.

The design I created consists of very basic patterns such as:

  • Flowers
  • Paisley’s
  • Fills
  • Lines

It is not a necessity that your design consists of every pattern, sometimes less is more, and as you can see I’ve built on a design using repetition of the very basic patterns in different compositions.

On that note give the design a try, use it as inspiration and most importantly share your work of art with me.

Wishing you all a magical Eid with lots of love and prayers.

P.S. For your chance to win a surprise Eid gift leave a comment below and direct message me pictures from your attempts of the design. I will choose winner at random on Eid day.

Lots of Love

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