The ‘Ugly Pin Box’ – Where the journey began…

A warm welcome to you all, and thank you for taking time out for coming back to read on. I will give you all the opportunity to visualise the emotional yet succeeding rollercoaster journey of Arabesque Artistry. No it was not a piece of cake I tell you that one for sure!

4 years ago on the 16th of May 2013, I started this journey with no intention of it coming this far, with no idea a little so called ‘idea’ would turn into a dream vision come true. So the real question is where did this passion come from, why henna. The truth is I was some weird child who didn’t like playing with the normal things little girls would instead I enjoyed doodling on scraps of paper, I enjoyed collecting henna books and most importantly enjoyed getting my henna done from anyone and everyone with the hope it will be perfect. But what a shame being the child I would get the quick job with the most ugliest patterns, from which I then started to practise my own patterns and designs collected on family and friends. They really couldn’t complain they were getting ‘Free’ henna.

I suppose that was the kick start for me not knowing at that moment in time that those moments of practise would get me this far in future. A small shop in little Luton called ‘Black Pearl’ in bury park yes the heart of all Asians was where I got booked every year to do henna for ‘Chaand Raat’ (For those of you who don’t know, this is a day before Eid). Who would have thought the little girl doodling on every paper she could find would be doodling those same patterns on clients.

To say my business has always been about my Candles, Oudh and Chocolate Boxes is wrong. The actual start of this journey was from ‘Bubblez BeautyBase’ from where I sold hijabs, jewellery, brooches and makeup. It was a source of extra pocket money while being at university (you know the sketch of being a student). So the real start to the henna world was from my very first pin box, my idea was not to create something that already exists but to resolve all hijabi problems with a handy storage box.

To put my so-called magical idea into practise I made a trip to the most local craft shop, which was Wilkinsons at the time. The products I purchased were a wooden heart box, paints, pens, brushes, cellophane paper at this moment in time I had no idea what I was doing just used my gut instinct and decided to waste stupid amount of money. But hey on the plus had I not done that at that moment in time I so wouldn’t be the founder of Arabesque Artistry today. Alhamdolillah

In all honesty I couldn’t even hold a pen straight something personal about me that no one really knows my hands shake. So the sight of trying to create a cone, putting paint in there and then using this loose cone of paint to pattern the wooden box. I tell you guys it was for sure a messy magical experience.

Once I got a grip of things a little by trying, testing and wasting products I then literally forced this idea of a handy pin box to my friends and literally forced them to buy these ugly things. At that moment in time I had priced them at £8. Farhana, Saiqua my girls, my first official customers if you hadn’t believed in my ugly idea and allowed me create these ugly things for you I may not have had the courage and power to be where I am today.

I have looked after this ugly piece and have cherished the pin box till date. It sits on my dressing table for me to look at every day to remind myself of the power and courage I have within me to keep on going. The ‘Ugly’ pin box is where the story began…

I hope my story inspires you young ladies out there to believe in yourself and take that courageous step to do what you aspire. Are you really doing what your heart wants? Are you afraid? You don’t know where to start? Question yourself to see what is stopping you.

Thank you for reading, leaving you all with something to ponder on till next time, welcoming all questions and enquiries and hope you will continue to support and foresee my journey to success with me…

Love Noshi xXx

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