Top 5 Oud Candles

Top 5 Oud Candles

Top 5 Oud Candles

Hello my lovelies, as your all aware I took some time out to spend with my new-born. I’m slowly starting to ease things back in and continue to bring to you the best of our Oudh collection and so much more.

On that note I’d also like to share with you some other favourite oud candles which I’ve come across which you may also want to try. Who doesn’t love an oud and that to in a candle form.

Let’s start with one of our best sellers from our collection continued with some others that are on my favourites list:

Arabesque Artistry – The Blanco Oudh –The Deluxe scent of The Blanco Oudh fragrance unfolds oils such as Oud wood blended with Vanilla, which belong to the most exclusive category in the world enhancing the quality and richness of the fragrance.

Oudh blends into a rich musky undertone enticing a velvety blend of floral notes that evolve from hints of spicy top notes. Oudh intensifies into a warming expression of a rich and sensual oriental aroma.

Retails at £18

Jo Malone London – Oud and Bergamot Candle – This is a musky fragrance with an underlying layer of bergamot topped with a climax of spice enigma. Both scents combined together create a lush scent. Defo one for those of you that love subtle yet strong scents.

Retails at £62

Dior – Oud Supreme – This scent is very much based around a traditional strong Oud vibe – it’s all about those strong notes that create that smoky, dark woody effect.

This is a little on the expensive side but a little goes a long way.

Retails at £80

Molton Brown – Oudh Accord & Gold – Another oud wood candle that contains some musky notes such as Oudh, Tobacco, vetiver and black tea which blended together create a spark.

Retails at £39

Rituals – Black Oudh Scented Candle– Last but not least, this one is a little on the warmer side and establishes an oriental woody scent – not to strong and not to light the perfect blend.

Retails at £29.90

I think that’s all for now and enough for you to try if you already haven’t. I’ve tried to include a mixture in terms of prices and variety of Oud based candles, hoping you get the opportunity try some of my recommendations. Do let me know if there’s any on your suggestions list.

Thank you for reading and keep your eyes peeled till next time, I have lots more interesting content coming your way!

Lots of Love



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