The Lash Collection

A Warm Welcome back to my Blog page,

I do apologise in the lengthy gap of posting but I assure you I have been busy working away to bring to you the most amazing products.

Before I go into details about the lash range let me define for you my business concept. Arabesque Artistry is broken down into two aspects as follows:

  1. My very own hand crafted products

  2. My branded range which represent my brand – All the products within this range consist of aspects of my very own hand drawn designs which have been graphically drawn to be used/printed on all products

I aim to develop and build an image of Arabesque Artistry, an image that is recognised by my signature style of work.

I am proud to announce I have been working on ‘The Lash Range’ for a very long time ensuring it reflects my brand and stands out from the crowd. The box, quality of lashes, amount of wears everything is of the best quality.

I have 4 signature styles to cover all occasions, keeping it simple, keeping it classy, keeping it elegant. Each design has had a lot of thought time and effort put into it, from choosing the styles to the naming convention.

Everything about this launch represents me in some way or another. The lashes are as follows:

Noush – All About Me

Mehr – Love and affection

Sarosa – Freedom

Roya – Dreams

Each pair of lashes can last up to 20 wears if looked after properly, can be applied using the DUO lash glue which is what I use. It for sure lasts the whole day without moving out of place – All we girls need right?

The Lash Collection by Arabesque Artistry Launching 27th May, see below the schedule of the upcoming launch:

15th May – Reveal/Announce product

16th May – Giveaway

17th May – Blog post

18th May – Style 1

19th May – Style 2

20th May – Style 3

21st May – Style 4

22nd May – Promo Video

23rd May – Pre – Orders

24th May – Countdown 3

25th May – Countdown 2

26th May – Countdown 1

27th May – The official Launch – Content to be revealed from Makeup by Taz, Essexrockstar, Miss.sg_ and

Last but not least the Website will go live for orders to be placed

Are you ready for the big day, make sure you’re ready to bag your signature Arabesque Artistry Lashes for this Eid.  Styles perfect to fit any look.

Schedule in the date…defo not a moment to be missed…

Thank you dolls for making this happen, being a part of my journey and supporting me with endless love and affection.

Love you all

A brand that takes pride in creating an everlasting impression…


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