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Firstly id like to thank all of you that have made it to this page to pop over and read my blog. Its been a very long time since I have posted anything on here but I’m back with lots of good news and exciting changes and content coming forth which I will be posting on a monthly basis 😊  

Well this months topic is Gift Giving – don’t we all struggle with this especially when you have certain budgets, you don’t know what the other individual likes or your just stuck because you have gifted them literally everything you can think off…Yup we have all been in that boat at some point or another. 

When shopping for others there’s a few pointers to focus on: 

  1. Usefulness -it should be useful and you should avoid getting something that has potential to be passed on (re-gifted) 
  2. Surprise – Nothing is more exciting than receiving a gift you were least expecting yet you fall in love with – or popping something out of the bag that may have been on their wish list for a while 
  3. Quality – purchase something that is a little luxurious but not overly expensive – shows you have put thought into it 

Don’t you think little things make such a big difference, another key is presentation and how you present this to your loved ones. For me presentation really adds the cherry on top. 

Well all our products tick the above boxes:  

  • They are useful  
  • Make the most thoughtful surprise  
  • Pure luxury – presented in gift boxes and wrapped with complimentary gift cards with each order 


The Oudh Range  – The Candle Oudh + The Oudh Reed Diffuser  


The Deluxe scent of the Oudh fragrance unfolds oils such as Oud wood, which belong to the most exclusive category in the world enhancing the quality and richness of the fragrance. 

Oudh blends into a rich musky undertone enticing a velvety blend of floral notes that evolve from hints of spicy top notes. Oudh intensifies into a warming expression of a rich and sensual oriental aroma. 

The Oudh Candle burns for approximately 30 hours. Priced at £15  

The diffuser lasts up to 4 weeks. Priced at £15 


The Lash Collection 


The Lash Collection consists of 4 signature lash styles which are perfect for any occasion, the luxury mink lashes which can be re-used up to 16 times depending on care. These also make perfect gifts as they come wrapped in branded vellum paper with a complimentary gift card too.

Noush – Noush is a set of wispy lashes created using a criss- cross pattern which enhances the root volume.

Roya – Roya aims to create a heavy, fluttering definition of the eyes finishing of with an enhancing full look.

Sarosa – Sarosa is the perfect set for your everyday wear wispy set simple enhancing the eyes with simplicity.

Mehr –  Mehr is a full set of lashes with shorter length from the front fluttering out longer towards the end. The lashes enhance the eyes creating a glam look.

Pop over to our Home Page to see further details of other gifts available.

Let me know in the comment box what content you would like to see in the coming months I cannot wait to share all the details of what I have been planning. 

Love you all 

A brand that takes pride in creating an everlasting impression… 


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